Selected Works: 1987 - 2005
Elate: One of my main production projects of the 1990's. Signed to Virgin Records from 1996-1998, the group features Denise Harry on lead vocals, with David Sellers leading on a couple of songs. Backing vocals were provided by Denise and David, Emma Stevenson, Janessa Qua, Gina Teteh and Natalie James. The Single 'Somebody Like You' reached no 28 in the UK charts in July 1997. The video for this track is available in 'Extras'.

Terrajacks: One of the first UK 'House Music' groups created back in 1987. The first single, 'Houseplan' was signed to WEA Records in 1988, and the second single, 'Total Stranger' was signed to RCA Records in 1990.

Performa: A one-off single project, the first of many collaborations with Manchester Producer Danny Hibrid. Released independently on my own label '106 Records', the limited release of 1,000 12" vinyl copies sold out within a couple of weeks and went on to become an underground club classic.

The other tracks featured here are a selection of various unreleased projects from the 90's and some Soundtrack works from 2003/05.