Hi, my name is Andrew Stevenson (Andy Stevenson), however I am better known by my pseudonym, 'Stev'. This has been the name I have been known by for many, many years.


I'm a creative person, a dreamer if you like, and I have been fortunate to have spent the majority of my life creating things; Music, Video and Community Projects. A selection of these 'things' are presented on this website in the various sections. In there you will get access to me, but don't judge too soon!... I hope you'll discover that I am very eclectic in my output. I refuse to be categorised into one style just to suit others who think life is easier that way!


In my past you had to be just one thing, and you were supposed to be this thing again and again, over and over! I disliked that very much, and so must have left a lot of people baffled by my actions over the years! In more recent times, thankfully, and in no small part due to the Internet, people are more accustomed to hearing and seeing various types of output from a single source. This has allowed people like myself to be just that... Myself!


So please stay a while and browse the various sections to get a flavour of who I am. If I engage you then please feel free to talk to me. You can reach me on this website via the contact form and I will endeavour to reply to you as soon as I can.


I look forward to hopefully hearing from you :-)

Article from 'The Independent' newspaper in England on 22nd March 2007.

As a Dunun player (dundunba, Sangban and Kenkeni), I am featured here with LIPA student Emma Welsby.